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Goodman Networks

Goodman Networks Corporate Partner

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North American Mortgage Company serves Goodman Networks assisting executives and employees in securing the best customer service, possible rates and experienced mortgage professionals. 


Obtaining the right mortgage that fits with each individual’s financial needs, at the right price, offers potential savings of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars to everyone who owns a home. 

Cool, Calm and Relocation. Yes, We Do Belong Together.
Are you prepared to coordinate all the moving parts involved in a move? The list of items are many: employer, family, real estate agent, financial planner, etc. If you have a mortgage lender that is experienced in relocations, you will have an advantage over someone who just wants to provide you a 30 year fixed rate loan.

First thing to consider is North American Mortgage Company provides you with choices, access to dozens of mortgage interest rates and mortgage products available at one source.


Special Options– 60 day or longer rate lock with float-down option if rates drop.
Direct Billing- Approved closing costs may be billed directly to your company so the money does not come out of your pocket.
Experience – Knowledgeable in thousands of relocations in Texas.
Personalized – Single contact who knows you and your situation.
Variety – Fixed, Adjustable, 100% Financing, New Construction, Interest Only.
Quick Approvals – Online or by phone, get approved in minutes.


Mortgage Checkup and Refinance?

Would you like to have an extra $100,000 into your retirement at no cost to you?  How about $200,000 or $300,000?  We at North American Mortgage Company have refinanced many mortgages, reducing the overall payments by those amounts. We can do the same for executives and employees at Goodman Networks.

North American Mortgage Company provides a complimentary financial review and offers a mortgage program that can free up cash and enable executives and employees at Goodman Networks to take one step closer to financial freedom.

Our mortgage training and products offer the following benefits:

• Realized savings produces more productive and content executives and employees.
• No cost to Goodman Networks. Receive benefits and you don’t pay!
• Our credit score analysis ensures that executives and employees at Goodman Networks do not continue to overpay for mortgages, credit cards, insurance, etc.


A lower mortgage payment can mean a significant increase in real income that doesn’t cost anything.

Call now to arrange a 10 minute financial analysis at Goodman Network or simply contact Jeff Guthrie at 972-759-5296 or email him at jguthrie@namc.com  You can also see the benefits of refinancing by using the calculators on our website: www.namc.com.